more than just photos

These are tangible memories that will live long after you are gone.

We live in a day and age where everyone has access to a camera on their phone, where it is easy to pull out and snap the photo or even take a million to get "the perfect one". And if someone you know owns an actual digital camera, that gives them the official title of "photographer". Everyone, whether with a phone or camera can take a good photo, capture the moment, and remember the memory.

But let me ask you, what makes a great photo? What gives you all the feels on the inside? What do you want to print and hang on your walls? Is it the traditional "everyone smile and say cheese"? Is it the quick snapshot from the latest phone? Or would you rather document, print and be able to remember the tiny toes of your newborn, the way your toddler gives the best hugs, and the way your spouse wraps you in their arms?

Photos that take you back to this moment and time go deeper than just a simple smile at the camera.

do not wait until everything is perfect, in fact:

"life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"

During our time together we will spend time doing the things you love doing as a family.

There will be games, playing, laughing and lots of kisses.

I will give you simple poses but we will also let things happen and unfold naturally.

So if you long for these types of moments to be captured of your family forever, these are for YOU!

“and yes, there are over a million words in our language but for some reason none of them can describe the way you make me feel.”

these types of sessions are not for you if:

you are only wanting those perfectly posed and smile type photos.

Don't worry, I will get those big smiles that radiates your family's joy. But that will not be our primary focus. These sessions are not just a check off your list for this year's Christmas cards. These photos are meant to be taken and celebrated all year long. Not just for a season. They are the type of photos you want displayed all over your house as a constant reminder of the family that you are. These represent your family.

each session will include:

45 minutes session at an outdoor location or in-home

Online gallery with carefully edited images and full printing rights

Also Available is custom Smash Cake

for 1 year milestone sessions

*for pricing contact me*